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Own a share in the world’s most iconic and desirable cars.

Access a vibrant motoring community and money-can’t-buy automotive experiences.

What is PistonDAO?

PistonDAO is the fastest growing platform for stable, fractional investment in the highest-performing alternative asset class – rare automobiles. 

Using proprietary AI technology and data-driven analytics, we identify and acquire classic and rare collector cars with high appreciation potential.

Invest in rare
Collector cars

Diversify your portfolio without the commitments of sole ownership.


Enjoy premium returns and draw liquidity from your existing collections.


Drive the car of your dreams, connect with automotive heroes and immerse yourself in an exceptional community through a rich programme of experiences.

Historical Appreciation

Your time

is now

Your time is now

Collector car prices are outperforming, and 2024 has ushered in a new era. Adding that one dream car to your collection no longer means tying up huge amounts of capital. Through our fractional investment model and exclusive, global community, discerning investors and automotive enthusiasts alike can build or diversify their portfolio like never before, whilst collectively shaping the future of rare car ownership.

In 2024, the most investable cars grew in value by 25%. Fractional investment via PistonDAO presents a unique opportunity to buy shares in these cars, guided by superior data analytics and acquisition strategies.

Historical Appreciation

Reflects value-weighted price appreciation for all super cars (created between 1960 – 1990) sold at least twice at public auction. There are significant differences between supercar investments and other asset classes. See important disclosures.

How it works

Focusing on one of the best-performing alternative asset classes, PistonDAO offers fractional ownership of the world’s most exclusive cars through a secure, FCA-regulated investment platform.

1. Expert selection
  • We leverage our global network of verified collectors and dealers to source the world’s finest rare and collectible cars.
  • Each car is meticulously selected for its appreciation history and potential future value.
  • We’re data driven in all our decision-making, including the purchase and exit of all assets. 
2. Fractional ownership
  • A limited company is created for each individual car.
  • This company issues a limited number of fractional shares.
  • Once fully funded, the company owns the car outright.
  • You can invest by purchasing fractions of ownership alongside other collectors.
3. Transparency and security
  • Each company is 100% owned by the shareholders.
  • This ensures transparency and security in your investment.
  • We take care of the insurance and maintenance costs
4. Live your passion
  • Access tailored experiences designed for your individual driving dreams.
  • Unlock the insider lifestyle with a world of elite motoring events.
  • Get behind the wheel and experience our iconic cars up close.

 Looking to draw liquidity from your own elite collection? We can help you to unlock the value of your existing investments.

Model Spotlights


We base our car selections on big data. The PistonDAO data science team analyses real-time valuations, global transaction history and market trends using advanced AI algorithms. This meticulous approach, combined with our own industry expertise, ensures you’re investing in cars with true potential for appreciation.

Ferrari F40


The Ferrari F40 is an iconic supercar celebrated for its raw, uncompromising performance and striking design. It boasts a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, delivering 471 horsepower and a top speed of 201 mph. The F40’s status as the last Ferrari personally approved by Enzo Ferrari himself contributes to its legendary status in automotive history.

Model Price Trend

Sale Price History

Car Graph

Model Price
10 Years Ago:


Model Price


Annual Price


Profit From
£10,000 Investment:


Lamborghini Countach


With a 5.2-liter V12 engine under the hood, the Countach unleashes a formidable 375 horsepower, propelling it to a top speed that stands at an impressive 182 mph. Often regarded as the quintessential poster car of the 1980s, the Lamborghini Countach holds a special place in the annals of automotive history.

Model Price Trend

Sale Price History

Car Graph

Model Price
10 Years Ago:


Model Price


Annual Price


Profit From
£10,000 Investment:


Bugatti EB110

(1991 — 1995)

Powered by a 3.5-liter quad-turbocharged V12 engine, it delivers a prodigious 553 horsepower and achieves a top speed of 213 mph. The EB110’s exclusivity, limited production, and its status as a testament to Bugatti’s return to the supercar scene in the early 1990s contribute to its legendary status in the world of high-performance automobiles.

Model Price Trend

Sale Price History

Car Graph

Model Price
10 Years Ago:


Model Price


Annual Price


Profit From
£10,000 Investment:


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PistonDAO - Live Your Passion

PistonDAO - Live Your Passion

PistonDAO - Live Your Passion

PistonDAO - Live Your Passion

PistonDAO - Live Your Passion

PistonDAO - Live Your Passion

Piston’d Podcast



Dive into motorsport with the Piston’d podcast

Join Cassie, Emanuel, and the rest of the PistonDAO crew, as they dive into the thrilling world of motorsport on our digital channel and podcast, “Piston’d.”


Go beyond the racetrack. Discover stories of legendary drivers, passionate collectors, and the iconic machines that fuel our shared, global obsession with speed.

Piston'd Youtube

Episode 1

Featuring Rajesh Kutty

Automotive Designer and motor enthusiast both 4 wheels and 2 Rajesh has created most things from sneakers and NFTs, drones and music consoles and more recently at Bentley Motors on the GT3R, Supersports and the new Flying Spur.

The PistonDAO Team

The PistonDAO team brings together a powerhouse of expertise in automotive, technology, asset management, data science, and community building.

Experienced CEO in regulated financial investment products and services.


Invested extensively in utility based contracts and technology as an ownership vehicle for the future.


Responsible for the execution of the operational, commercial and structuring aspects of the business.


Nephew of Kerry Manolas, the most prolific classic car collector in Australia. Restored his first classic car aged 16.

Co-founder Operations

Emanuel Georgouras

Degree in International Law with 15 years’ experience designing and managing the customer success journey.


Advisor to multinationals.


Responsible for strategic direction, partnerships and community.


Previously Director and Founder of her own membership-based business.

Co-founder Strategy



Originating as an OEM buyer for Toyota and Holden. Subsequently an experienced startup Founder and CEO, successfully building Australia’s leading automotive e-commerce business, Sparesbox.


Responsible for product and online.


Leon has a garage full of high end Porsche and European race and road cars
and if you’re quick enough you might see him racing past on the track.




Early adopter of alternative investment classes. Career highlights include Goldman Sachs, private equity, fintech, and more recently managing investments in the resources sector. Son of one of the world’s most prominent, historic racing and classic car collectors, Kerry Manolas.

General Council



Creative Director and Founder of his own design and advertising agency. A regular at Le Mans and Goodwood, Dan’s reach into the world of automotive legends is second to none.




Conor is the author of the best-selling book, the Blockchain Innovator’s Handbook and host of a Digital Innovators podcast.


He is also author of the blockchain integration library Web3j, which has been downloaded over 1.5 million times, and is used by companies including J.P. Morgan, Opera and Samsung.




Rajesh Kutty was the Chief Architect and Lead Designer for the interior of Bentley’s Centenary car, EXP 100GT, and designed the last Flying Spur, along with other production and concept cars like the Bentley GT3R and Supersports.


Outside cars, Rajesh is involved in designing everything from drones, furniture and sneakers, to music consoles and motorcycles.




Frequently Asked Questions


  • What assets will be selected by PistonDAO to buy?

    PistonDAO’s analysis and acquisition team selects current and future high-value sports cars based on collectibility and provenance, backed by data science. Our focus is on acquiring vehicles that are exceptional examples of a top brand’s iconic design and engineering, that we have reason to believe will experience significant appreciation.

  • How is an investment in an asset structured at PistonDAO?

    In the UK a Limited Company is created for each investment, compliant with UK company law and structured to facilitate fractional ownership. This company acquires a sports car, and the title is held in a separate asset-holding entity to safeguard investors’ interests. The company operates exclusively to manage, maintain, and eventually sell the vehicle. All operational costs are managed by PistonDAO.

  • What occurs when an asset is sold?

    After the sale of the asset the net proceeds will then be distributed to the shareholders in proportion to their ownership stakes, according to the terms set out in the company’s operating agreement within the secure investment portal.

  • Where can I find detailed information about a specific investment?

    Detailed documentation for each offering is made available to potential investors within the secure investor portal after they successfully qualify the appropriateness questionnaire. This can be found by clicking the ‘’Invest’’ button on the top right of the homepage. If you qualify we recommend reviewing these documents thoroughly before making an investment decision. These documents can be accessed directly through our platform or upon request from our investor relations team.

  • What are the tax implications of an investment?

    Investing in shares in limited companies, which hold high-value sports cars, may result in tax liabilities, including potential capital gains tax if a profit is realised on the sale of the asset. It is important to note that each investor’s tax situation can vary significantly depending on their individual circumstances and the jurisdiction in which they reside. As PistonDAO does not provide tax advice, we strongly recommend consulting an independent tax advisor to understand the specific implications of your investment. For our international investors, it is crucial to consult legislation specific to your locality to ensure compliance with local tax obligations. If in doubt, please seek advice from a tax professional.

  • Can I invest from outside the UK?

    PistonDAO welcomes international investors, subject to compliance with both UK regulations and the legal requirements of the investor’s home country. Non-UK residents should ensure they understand and comply with any relevant local laws before investing.

  • Can I participate in the PistonDAO community without investing in a car?

    Absolutely! Participation in PistonDAO extends beyond financial investment. We offer a tiered membership program that allows enthusiasts of all levels to join our community and enjoy various events and experiences. Whether you are an investor or simply a fan, there are numerous ways to get involved and connect with like-minded individuals through PistonDAO. Request an invitation on the home page to get started.

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